Treat Yourself

Painting is so much fun, it's relaxing and it's so mindful too! Take the time for yourself, you deserve this...

Bonus Material in the 6 Month Course

Free Content in addition to the promised 6 projects. All to make you a better artist!

  • Bonus Technique Video

    I've added an extra bonus video on 'How put put things right, when you think all is lost! Learn how to rectify mistakes, stop drips, bleeds and cauliflowers too!

  • Bonus Painting Video

    An extra video of a wet on wet painting of a Poppy. The loosest of loosest styles, using a wet and sploshy technique you'll love....

  • Bonus Painting Video

    Another bonus video showing the real time painting of a tulip, using the techniques you have learned during the course, you will easily be able to reproduce this painting!

Why We're Different...

We run lots of face to face art and craft classes at Healds Green Gallery, all aimed at complete beginners, so we know what we're doing....

  • We take you right from the very beginning, with no expectations. Choose us because you want to start from scratch, we don't expect you to know anything at all about painting

  • We don't use confusing artsy language (mainly because I can never remember the right word at the right time...) This could be my age...

  • You will be able to follow our tutorials even if you haven't picked up a brush since you were at school! We know how that feels!

Coming soon!

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  • If I purchase the individual class, do I have to pay again for the same chapter in the longer course?

    Not at all, there is the opportunity to upgrade from your original class so you can receive the other 5 tutorials which are included in the 6 month course. Obviously you will only pay for the additional 5 tutorials as you have already paid for the initial class

  • How long do I have access to my class/course

    You have access to each class and your course/s for 200 days from sign up

  • When can I start?

    You can start your class or course straight away! As soon as you sign up to a class, you will receive access to all the lessons in that class. If you sign up to a course, then you will immediately receive the first project in the course, and then you will get new projects every month until you have all 6 of them!

  • I want to do a Watercolour Class - What do I need to get started ?

    For the Watercolour classes, you will need a couple of different sized brushes, some watercolour paints (don't spend too much on these..) and some watercolour paper. I use 300gsm Aquafine Paper. You will also need some water, and some kitchen roll too, and a mixing pallet (you can use a dining plate as these clean off so easily!) And that's it!

  • I want to do an Acrylic Class - What do I need to get started ?

    For the Acrylic Classes, you will need a couple of brushes, some acrylic paints (The Range do a great selection, as do Amazon...) plus some Acrylic Paper or canvases (canvas boards tend to be cheaper than canvas frames). You will also need some water, and some kitchen roll too, and a mixing pallet (you can use a dining plate as these clean off so easily!) And that's it!

  • Do I have to submit my work?

    You absolutely don't have to submit any of your work, just enjoy the course. However, if you would like, you are more than welcome to submit your work for critique along the way. Please note that we will never be horrible about your work, so don't worry. What we will do is give you areas of improvement that you could work on that could make your paintings so much better, or take them to the next level...

  • Do you have a conversation space for students?

    Yes! Once you've enrolled in a class you'll get access to our student community, where you can ask questions, discuss art with other students etc etc...

True Beginner Classes

What we can offer you....

Our tutorials offer GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. I've tried to include everything you need, information on materials and equipment, videos on painting techniques and cheats and also real time 'Paint along' videos too. Try a class and TAKE THE FIRST STEP IN BECOMING AN AMAZING ARTIST. Its really difficult to get started as so many tutorials are so technical and tricky, you are scared of trying. We've chosen paintings that you WILL SUCCEED at creating, they are simple and beautiful, and each uses a number of techniques and allows you to DEVELOP YOUR SKILL as an artist, without getting put off by scary technical stuff!! We run lots of face to face beginners workshops at Healds Green Gallery so we are uniquely positioned to offer a TRUE BEGINNERS EXPERIENCE. We won't baffle you with science, but you will come out with a beautiful painting and lots more knowledge at the end of our classes!

What's Stopping You..

This is just the beginning of your artistic journey... and what a journey it'll be!