Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Jill from Healds Green Gallery

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Project 1 - Seascape

    • What's Included...

    • Watercolour Workshop Information Sheet

    • Watercolour Materials and Equipment Video Lesson

    • Watercolour Technique Video Lesson

    • Photo of my Finished Painting

    • Painting the Seascape

  • 3

    BONUS CHAPTER - How to put things right.....

    • Help! What to do if it's all going wrong!!

  • 4

    Project 2 - Cockerel

    • Original Reference Photograph

    • Photo of my Finished Painting

    • Painting the Cockerel - real time video lesson

  • 5

    Project 3 - Landscape

    • Reference Photograph - Watergrove Reservoir

    • Photo of my Finished Landscape

    • The Main Event - real time video lesson

  • 6

    Project 4 - Eye Study

    • Project 4 will be unlocked soon!

    • Photo of my Finished Eye Study

    • The Main Event - real time video lesson

  • 7

    Project 5 - Crashing Waves

    • Materials and Equipment used in this Tutorial

    • Photo of my Finished Crashing Wave Painting

    • The Main Event - real time video lesson

  • 8


    • 'Wet on Wet' Poppies

    • A more Precise Painting of a Tulip...

  • 9

    Project 6

    • Project 6 will be unlocked soon!

Bonus material

Free Content in addition to the promised 6 projects. All to make you a better artist!

  • Bonus Technique Video

    I've added an extra bonus video on 'How put put things right, when you think all is lost! Learn how to rectify mistakes, stop drips, bleeds and cauliflowers too!

  • Bonus Painting Video

    An extra video of a wet on wet painting of a Poppy. The loosest of loosest styles, using a wet and sploshy technique you'll love....

  • Bonus Painting Video

    Another bonus video showing the real time painting of a tulip, using the techniques you have learned during the course, you will easily be able to reproduce this painting!